Moderna Booster


All of the community members who received the vaccine from Madison County Memorial Hospital have been entered into the system.  If you have not heard from a logistics coordinator, you should receive notification by the end of next week.

  • First line communication is going to be sent through eMail, mobile phones, and home phones.
  • Next, if we are not successful at reaching you through one of these three methods a letter will be sent to your home.
  • Please be sure to return to the original place that you received the initial Moderna Vaccine-i.e. the Hospital, the clinic, or the Health Department.
  • Please be advised, if you pass by the hospital and see the line out front, we are not doing first doses yet.
  • Please also know lines in front of the hospital will begin the last week of January and run through the third week of February.
  • The Booster Shot is going to be administered the same way it was conducted originally.  Arrive five minutes before your scheduled time and remain in your car throughout the duration.  Please bring a picture ID and your insurance card.
  • Again, you need to be able to plan for thirty (30) minutes and up to an hour to get through the entire process.
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