Booster Shot – Moderna Vaccine 2nd Dose

As you know, we are in the process of scheduling 600 follow up appointments.  We appreciate everyone’s patience in moving through this process.  Unlike the first dose, it is imperative to have the exact number of people on each day we vaccinate to avoid waste.  Therefore, if we end up with 58 but need 60, we may ask folks to move to another day.  Please be advised that there is a two week window at the 28 day time period.  Although we can not schedule sooner than 28 days, it is ok to back it up to day 32 for example.

We are currently calling, emailing, texting, and/or sending a calendar invite to put everyone in position.  When there is a delay in reaching someone, it takes time to update the actual “Pending” appointment.  Likewise, if we are speaking to a spouse and the other spouse is speaking to someone else, it can cause an error.  While we also know things come up, please refrain from requesting a change unless it is an emergency.

Be advised, we are only confirming the following days:  1) Feb. 3; and 2) Feb 4.  The following week will be confirmed on Feb. 5th, however, calls, text, emails, and calendar invites are already going out.  Our phones are tied up communicating with this many people therefore a text message to 850.464.1919 or an email is the best course of action if you have a question or need assistance.

Thanks Again!


Good morning everyone.  As you know it is time to start administering the 2nd shot for employees and community members who received the first shot with MCMH.  The drive thru will be activated next week and runs for two weeks at minimum with a potential of going into a third week.  The Vaccination Implementation Team will continue to update you on the process.

If you DID NOT get the vaccine on the first go around and are now interested, we encourage you to go to and click on “SCHEDULE” and fill out the form to get on the waiting list.  You can also check with the Department of Health in Madison at 850-973-5000.
If you DID get the first vaccine, we are scheduling appointments as we speak.  Further, we would like to advise you of a few key important points.
  • Receiving the first dose ONLY results in approximately 50-80% decrease in probability of getting COVID.
  • Receiving both doses results in approximately 95% decrease in probability of getting COVID.
  • For maximum effect approximately 70% of the population must be vaccinated.
  • The process is complicated and storage requirements are very strict – requiring use of the shot within hours of activation.
  • The landscape is constantly changing and we do not know how many we will continue to get, if we are continuing to do vaccines, if we will change how we are doing it, etc.
  • If you are waiting for a 2nd dose appointment and have not heard from anyone by the close of business tomorrow, Friday January 29, 2021 please email or call 850-253-1961.
  • If you are not planning to get the 2nd dose, please let us know email or call 850-253-1961.
It is crucial for each of you to give careful consideration regarding whether or not you are going to receive the second vaccine.  Again, please know it is voluntary and a personal decision to make.
However, due to the fluid nature of this process we are not able to hold shots or guarantee appointment placement(s) at a later date.  Each day has to be carefully scheduled with the appropriate number of shots matched to eligible recipients.
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