Updated COVID Screening

Week Day Screening:  Monday – Friday 7am to 4pm a screener is positioned nearest the loading dock/outpatient services.

Monday – Friday after 4:00 p.m., weekends, and holiday:  the ER outpatient registration clerk will screen visitors at the ER outpatient area. Screening forms are available on the desk in the ER lobby. Visitors shall complete the form, pass the form through the window at the clerks desk, and if all clear, the clerk returns a visitor label through the pass through window.  The visitor is required to place the label on the clothing of the upper body in clear view while inside of the building.

In the event the visitor responds yes to a screening question, no visitation is allowed. This is strictly in order to protect the safety of the patients, other visitors, and MCMH staff.

If all clear, the admissions clerk or designee shall allow entrance.

We highly encourage visitors upon leaving the building to please exit through the location that was entered.  Mask and social distancing continues until further notice.

Signage for visitors is posted at key entry points.

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