Operating Room

Madison County Memorial Hospital’s Operating Room provides a variety of elective surgery procedures prescribed by your physician.  The Operating Room Suite consists of a large operating room, four private treatment/recovery rooms, and a procedure room. The department also has a hazardous materials decontamination room.  The mission of the Surgical Suite is to enhance quality of life by continuously improving the health of the people in our community by correcting and improving disease management via surgery.

Madison County Memorial Hospital’s Surgical Suite is being launched in 2020 with a brand new Operating Room (OR) and surgical team.  Our OR consists of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, licensed nurses, and surgical techs ready to serve you.  The purpose is to provide minor elective outpatient surgery and gradually begin adding rotating specialists.  Following are the Elective Surgeries currently provided:

  • Abscesses/Hematomas
  • Incision & Drainage
  • Central Lines
  • Chest Tubes
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy/EGD
  • Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Insertion
  • Ingrown Toe Nail Removal
  • Paracentesis
  • Pilonidal Abscess Incision & Drainage
  • Skin Infections and Abscesses
  • Skin Lesion Biopsies/Excisions/Destruction
  • Thoracentesis
Following are the Elective Surgeries that are going to be available soon:

•Gallbladder Removal
•Hernia Repair
•Implanted Venous Access Devices
•Skin Cancers

Due to patient and staff safety and patient privacy, family members will be asked to wait for the patient in a designated area.

Wound Care-Click here for more information regarding the services currently available.

  • Donna Blair, CST
    Donna Blair, CST OR Director
    Certified Surgical Technician
    Phone 850-253-1981
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