Infection Control

The purpose of the Infection Control Department at Madison County Memorial Hospital, is to be diligent in maintaining clean safe spaces as it relates to minimizing infections and viruses.  We do this by empowering patients, families and employees with a variety of information and tools to make informed choices regarding infections.  For example, the Infection Control Manager covers important topics such as, employee vaccines, maintaining sterile environments, and establishing and monitoring effective policies and procedures.

The Infection Control Manager coordinates the clinical infection protocols and observations to establish goals and manage the infection control outcomes of the hospital. Ultimately, assisting staff through training and monitoring in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

At Madison County Memorial Hospital, our focus is to provide high quality of infection control procedures and to ensure a clean and sanitary environment.  This ranges from patient rooms, food services, and shared spaces throughout the hospital.  The Infection Control Manager is actively involved with COVID safety planning and makes certain that patients and employees receive appropriate infection control support to mitigate crisis and maintain safety on a day-to-day basis.

  • Mary Wynn, RN
    Mary Wynn, RN Infection Control Nurse


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