Board of Directors

The Board of Director for the Madison County Health and Hospital District (the District) is appointed by the Governor of the State of Florida. Board members are appointed for four-year staggered terms. A member may re-apply to the governor’s office to maintain board membership at the expiration of his or her term. This board is subject to the State of Florida Sunshine statute. Its board meetings are open to the public.

Directors serve on two boards simultaneously, The Madison County Health and Hospital District (the District Board) and the Madison County Hospital Health Systems, Inc board (the Corporate Board). The corporate board is not subject to the State of Florida Sunshine statute, but the public is encouraged to attend meetings. Regularly scheduled meetings are usually held the fourth Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at the hospital conference room.

  • Isham Benjamin (Ben) Harris
    Isham Benjamin (Ben) Harris Chairman of the Board

    Mr. Harris has served on the board since September, 2008. He is a retired State of Florida Parks manager.  Mr. Harris currently serves as the Board Chair.

  • Nita Fico
    Nita Fico Director

    Ms. Fico received her masters of science in nursing from Valdosta State University. In 1997, she received her nurse practitioner degree from Florida State University. Ms. Fico is a part-time nurse practitioner for the Florida Department of Health. Ms. Fico has served on the Board since August 23, 2017.

  • Annette Johnson
    Annette Johnson Director

    Ms. Johnson has served on the board since January, 2010. She is a businesswoman and the president of J+J STRONG, a local wholesale fuel distribution and freight carrier company.

  • James Sale
    James Sale Director

    Jim Sale has served on the board since September, 2006. He is a retired businessman.  Mr. Sale previously served as the Board Chair.

  • Shirley Joseph
    Shirley Joseph Vice-Chair

    Ms. Joseph has served on the board since January, 2004. She is the Superintendent of Madison County Schools.

  • Rosa Richardson
    Rosa Richardson Secretary

    Ms. Richardson is recently retired as the executive director of the Senior Citizens Council of Madison. Ms. Richardson has served on the board since February, 2014.

  • Howard Phillips
    Howard Phillips Previous Board Chair

    In Loving Memory of the previous Board Chair, Howard Phillips.  Mr. Phillips graciously served on the board From 2007 to 2019. He was a retired vice-president and chief financial officer for a local bank.

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