• Daniel Brett Perkins, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Staff, Director of Hospitalist Program

    Family Practice

  • Gena Plain, PA-C, Physician Assistant
    Gena Plain, PA-C, Physician Assistant

    Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist

    Non-Employee/Independent Contractor


  • Wade Douglas, M.D. Florida State University College of Medicine (FSU COM) Professor and Director of the Surgical Residency Program at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH)

    General Surgery and Endoscopy procedures at Madison County Memorial Hospital 

    Non-Employee/Independent Contractor
  • Paul Hart, M.D.

    Emergency Services Medical Director

    Southland Emergency Medical Services of Florida

    Non-Employee/Independent Contractor


  • Logan Groover, MSPA, PA-C
    Logan Groover, MSPA, PA-C

    Physician Assistant, Hospitalist

  • Lucilla Strickland, ARNP, MSN

    In Loving Memory of Luci Strickland

    For 37 Years of Service to Madison County and Madison County Memorial Hospital


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