Case Management

The purpose of the Case Management program at Madison County Memorial Hospital, is to be the patient advocate.  We empower patients and families by providing them with a variety of information to make informed healthcare choices.  For example, the Case Manager covers important topics, such as Medicare benefits, advance directives, and community resources.


The case manager coordinates the clinical team consisting of the patient, patient’s family or primary caregiver, physician and other medical staff to establish goals and manage the healthcare outcomes of the patient. Ultimately, assisting the patient to move seamlessly through their continuum of care in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


At Madison County Memorial Hospital, our focus is to provide a high quality of care.  This ranges from medical record documentation through patient discharge.  The case manager is actively involved with discharge planning and makes certain the patient receives appropriate care during their stay and ensures they are discharged in a safe manner.  We anticipate your healthcare needs and initiate discharge planning from the moment you are admitted to our hospital.

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