Patient Rights and Responsibilities

In Regard to Our Patients and

Their Rights

Health care providers and health care facilities are required under federal and state law to respect your rights as a patient and to expect certain behavior from their patients. Your health care provider or health care facility may provide you with a copy of the full text of your law. The following summarizes your rights and responsibilities:

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

1. Patients have the right to be treated with politeness and gratitude, with respect of his/her social and personal worth’s, beliefs, choices, individual dignity, and with protection of his/her right and need for personal privacy.

2. Patient have the right to be accommodated in their religious and spiritual beliefs.

3. Patients have the right for their questions to be answered quickly and reasonably.

4. Patients have the right of access to information indicating who is responsible of their care and who is providing their medical services.

5.  Patients have the right to know what patient support services are available, including interpreters, if they do not speak English.

6. Patients have the right to obtain advocacy and protective services.

7. Patients have the right for suitable communication methods based on their vision, speech, language, ability to understand, age, and language.


9. Patients have the right for access of what conduct regulations and rules apply.

10. Patients have the right to receive and send out mail.

11. Patients have the right to be informed by their health care provider of information regarding their diagnosis, treatment options, risks, benefits, any potential side effects, alternative treatment plans, and prognosis in order to participate in healthcare decision-making; as well as any unforeseen outcomes of patient’s treatment, care or services.

12. Patients have the right to pain management.


14. Patients have the right to deny or request any life-prolonging procedures including treatments, except law provided measure.

15. Patients have the right to refuse any life-prolonging procedures including treatments.

16. Patients have the right to be exempt from any harassing, abuse (mental, verbal, physical, sexual, etc.), corporal punishment, and neglect.


18. Patients have the right to report an allegation, observation, or suspected case of neglect, exploitation, or abuse to the appropriate authoritiess based obn the hospital’s evaluation or as required by the law.























41. Patients have the right to obtain information on the procedures used for initiating, reviewing and resolving patient complaints.


43. Patients are responsible for informing the health care provider of any unforeseen health condition changes.



46. Patients are responsible for following the treatment plan provided by your health care provider.

47. Patients are responsible for showing up to appointments or notifying the health care provider or facility if they are not able to make it.

48. Patients are responsible for their decisions if they refuse treatments or fail to follow instructions provided by the health care provider.

49. Patients are responsible for making sure all financial debts of their health care treatments are met as soon as feasible.

50. Patients are responsible for following the rules and regulations of the facility affecting their care and conduct.


Concerns or Complaints

We aim to satisfy every one of our patients. Please let your health care professional, or their supervisor, know if you have any concerns or complaints. They will listen, review, and assist you to obtain a resolution. Department managers, directors, and house supervisors are who to contact if your complaint remains unresolved. If your concern cannot be resolved, please allow us the opportunity to address your concerns.

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