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We have created this space as a place to communicate with the members of our community about COVID updates from the hospital, community partners, and state and federal government.  Please click on the various tabs below to learn more about changes at the hospital in response to the virus, COVID News, COVID Safety, COVID Testing and reliable COVID Data provided by the Department of Health.

COVID News and Information


Dear Patients, Families, Friends, Volunteers,

We are committed to keeping our residents safe and we need your help. The virus causing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (abbreviated COVID-19) can cause outbreaks in hospitals. Many of our patients are elderly and may have medical conditions putting them at a very high risk of becoming sick, or even severely ill, with COVID-19. Visitors and staff are the most likely sources of introduction of the virus that causes COVID-19 into a facility.  To protect our vulnerable patients, we are taking the following aggressive actions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in our patients and staff:

1. Until further notice: We are restricting all visitation.

All visitation is being restricted except for certain compassionate care situations, such as end of life situations.  These visitors will first be screened for fever and illness. We know that your presence is important for your loved one but, per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this is a necessary action to protect their health. Alternative methods of visitation (such as Skype and FaceTime) are available so that you can continue to communicate with your loved ones.  Visitors who are permitted to enter the building will be required to social distance (remain 6 feet away from everyone while onsite), frequently clean their hands, limit their visit to a designated area within the building, and wear a facemask.  As the situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing, we will continue to keep you updated.

2. We are monitoring staff and patients for symptoms of illness.  Staff will be actively monitored for fever and symptoms of COVID-19.  All employees will be asked to stay home.  You will see staff wearing facemasks, eye protection, gown, and gloves in order to prevent germs from spreading and help keep patients safe.  Staff will clean their hands frequently.  We are assessing patients frequently for fevers and symptoms of COVID-19 in order to quickly identify ill patients and implement additional infection prevention activities.  When ill patients are identified, they will be monitored closely, asked to stay in their rooms or wear a mask if required to leave the room.

3. We are limiting activities within the facility and cancelling all group activities. We will be helping patients practice social distancing and encouraging frequent hand hygiene.

We encourage you to review the CDC website by clicking here for information about COVID-19, including its symptoms, how it spreads, and actions you can take to protect your health.

Thank you very much for everything you are doing to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy. We continue to monitor the situation in our community; we will keep you informed about any new precautions we think are necessary to keep your loved one safe.

Tammy Stevens
Tammy Stevens, CEO


Madison County Memorial Hospital (MCMH) is taking additional steps to protect patients, family members, staff and the community from the transmission and community spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. For the safety of everyone and to prevent the spread of this virus, we are taking specific temporary actions to limit visitors and minimize entries and exits into the facility. However, we understand the benefits of our patients having a loved one be part of their healing process.

Visitors can expect to receive a temperature screening and be asked several health-related questions. If you have a temperature greater than 99.9 or answer “yes” to any of the health care screening questions, you will not be allowed to visit. Please answer the screening questions honestly to avoid potential exposure to our workforce and patients and cause unnecessary health risks, including but not limited to the death of others.surg tech in mask

  • All visitors must properly wear a protective face mask provided by MCMH while in the hospital. If a visitor is not allowed or willing to wear a mask as indicated in this image, they will be asked to leave the hospital.
  • All visitors must use hand sanitizer upon entering the building, again upon entry into any area (patient rooms), throughout the entire visit, and before exiting the hospital.
  • All visitors are always required to wear a visitor pass provided by MCMH while inside the facility.

Additional Visitation Guidelines

  • No visitors allowed for patients under investigation or testing for COVID-19; or who are in an infectious disease isolation room.
  • No visitors in the Medical/Surgical Units except for special considerations. A visitor guide is provided to each visitor at the screening station point of entry.
  • No visitors for Emergency Department patients, except for special considerations.
  • One accompanying person for Surgery patients, except for special considerations.
  • One designated caregiver for Pediatric patients.

Visitors will be allowed under these special considerations:

  • Patients who are at end-of-life may have two visitors at one time. Family and friends will be able to rotate out safely if they pass the screening process.  A visitor guide is made available to each visitor.
  • Minor patients under the age of 17 may have one visitor (parent or guardian).
  • Patients who have behavioral health needs or developmental delays (where caregiver provides safety) may have one visitor.
  • We strongly discourage visitors over the age of 70 with chronic health conditions.
  • Patients seeking emergency care will enter through the ER entrance—which is open 24/7. The front entrance door to the hospital is closed until further notice.
  • We will provide updates as conditions change. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we face the COVID-19 pandemic together.

We encourage you to review the CDC website for information about COVID-19, including its symptoms, how it spreads, and actions you can take to protect your health.

Thank you very much for everything you are doing to keep our patients, staff, and community safe and healthy. We continue to monitor the situation in our community; we will keep you informed about any new precautions we think are necessary to keep your loved one safe.

COVID Safety

Safe.  Smart.  Step-by-Step.


SUBJECT: Governor DeSantis Announces Plan to Re-Open Florida
DATE: April 29, 2020


Governor DeSantis released the Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step plan, which will allow all counties, with the exception of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, to move into Phase 1 of the White House Opening Up America Again Plan beginning May 4, 2020.

Florida’s Phase I will include increased testing and contact tracing of COVID-19 positive individuals, assessment of adequate hospital bed capacity and access to personal protective equipment and continued adherence to social distancing and personal hygiene guidelines.

Specifically, Phase I includes the following provisions:

  • Elective surgeries will take place statewide (in-patient and out-patient)
  • Visitors will continue to be prohibited at long-term care facilities and will re-evaluate based on testing capacity and access to rapid testing
  • Restaurants can re-open with dining at 25 percent capacity
  • Bars, gyms, salons and movie theaters to remain closed
  • Vulnerable populations should continue to stay home (individuals 65 plus and those with underlying conditions)
  • Mass gatherings will be limited to 10 or fewer individuals
  • Universal masking recommended – any public areas where you cannot maintain social distancing, face-to-face businesses
  • Retail businesses can re-open at 25 percent capacity
  • Schools will continue distance learning

Click here to read more about Florida’s Plan

Click here to read about America’s Plan

COVID Testing



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