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Individual Volunteers

Individual Volunteer Opportunities (placements vary in availability):

  • Activity Room Volunteers organize activities in the common areas of MCMH. Volunteers keep these spaces well-stocked with toys, books and games, and perform light chores to make sure the rooms are clean for our in-house families and prospective tours.   Shift times: Daily, 1-5 p.m.
  • Weekend Activity Lead Volunteers support MCMH on the weekends by planning, coordinating, implementing and leading recurring activities for guests staying through the weekend. This volunteer opportunity can be performed in pairs, if necessary. Shift times: Saturday and Sunday, 12-4 p.m.\
  • Meal Volunteers help serve meals when needed, deliver meals to isolation families and help with clean-up.  Speak to patients regarding food preferences and follow-up satisfaction feedback. Shift times: Monday-Friday, 11AM-6PM.  Saturday and Sunday 11AM-2PM.
  • Craft Volunteers plan a variety of activities to help nurture the social wellbeing of patients on the medical floor.  Encourage patients, family members, and employees to engage in a craft activities, games, performances, etc.   Shift times: Monday-Thursday, 4:30-7 p.m.
  • Front Desk Concierge Volunteers support the staff at the front desk by meeting and greeting new and returning families checking into MCMH. Volunteers assist the front desk staff during the check-in and check-out process, fulfill general clerical needs, help families transport luggage to and from their rooms, or answer any questions from visitors who enter the hospital lobby. Shift times: Sunday-Thursday, 5-9 p.m.
  • Amenities Cart Volunteers support MCMH families and guests by providing a door-to-door convenience service to distribute toiletries, crafts, hot drinks and other amenities for families to make their stay more enjoyable and comfortable in the evenings. Volunteers for this service work in pairs. Shift times: Sunday-Thursday, 5-9 p.m.
  • Auxiliary Volunteers play a leadership role at the hospital by helping to plan and organize all volunteer activities and fundraisers.  These volunteers work directly with departments throughout the hospital providing one-on-one interaction with patients, families, and staff.  Auxiliary Volunteers undergo a rigorous screening and orientation process as well as receive HIPPHA Compliance training in order to serve in the outpatient area, operating room, endoscopy, radiology, pharmacy and physical therapy services.  Shift times: Monday-Friday, 8-5 p.m. and monthly leadership meetings.

You can also offer your time and talents for the following:

  • Donating items from our Wish List
  • Making goodie-bags or baskets for our families
  • Helping to clean and disinfect supplies
  • Basic cleaning of common areas-i.e. Outpatient Lobby, Front Lobby, and Emergency Department Lobby, Break Rooms
Group Volunteers

Group Volunteer Event Opportunities

Groups of two or more individuals may conduct a one-time volunteer project for Madison County Memorial Hospital.  All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older to participate in group projects and in most cases, group size is limited to 10 individuals.

Here are some suggestions of ways your group can help make the time a family spends at MCMH more pleasant. These projects can be enjoyed by all ages and can be done one time or become an ongoing event.

You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in group projects or special events at MCMH.  Sample activities:

  • Craft activity party-Plan crafts for hospital patients.  Provide the idea and supplies; then help the patients and families exercise their creativity.
  • Singing performance of songs-Plan a performance and play music and/or sing.
  • Game party-Plan a party so patients and families can have fun interacting as they play games for prizes
  • Bingo-Bring a group to host a Bingo game
  • Entertainment-plan a show, get creative, talent show, standup comedy, or a magic show.
Sponsor Event

Hosting a Special Event

Thank you for your interest in providing a special event for the patients and families of MCMH.  To host an event, please complete the  Special Events Sponsorship Application below.  The following are some suggestions of ways you can help make the time a family spends at MCMH more pleasant. We are always eager to offer events that can be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Share your artistic talent by hosting a craft event or share your musical abilities
  • Host a movie night or a Holiday Party
  • Provide a catered meal for the families, decorate cookies/cupcakes, or host an ice cream social
  • Teach dance lessons or Yoga
  • Host a Karaoke Party
  • Organize a sporting event (inside golf or bowling)
  • Organize a game night

Basic requirements for Special Event Sponsorships:

  • Patient Special Event requests are made by submitting the application form.
  • All groups are screened in advance by the Activities Committee.
  • A hospital representative will be assigned to host each group throughout the visit.
  • All guests must be at least 16 years old, and 16-18 year olds must be chaperoned by an adult sponsor of their group.
  • Group size is limited to 10 people as not to be overwhelming to the patients.
  • Please limit the length of events to 30-45 minutes.
  • Create ways for patients of all abilities to become actively involved.
  • Please do not bring candles.  Please bring at least 30 items so there are enough for all patients and families.
  • Due to patients’ dietary restrictions, please do not bring food into the hospital.
  • Media coverage of events is prohibited.
  • Your group may NOT take photographs or videos during the visit because of patient confidentiality issues.
  • The presentation should be religiously, politically, ethnically and culturally tolerant because we have patients from many different backgrounds. Presentations should not contain threatening themes such as death, medical procedures/personnel, and illness.
    Any person exposed to contagious diseases (chicken pox, shingles, hepatitis, measles, mumps, pink eye, etc.) in the past four weeks or had COVID or flu-like symptoms (vomiting, rash, fever, diarrhea, etc.) in the past two weeks or fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the day of the event is asked NOT to visit.
  • Frequent hand washing is very important when working with patients. Please wash your hands for a minimum of 10 seconds using soap and water both before and after each patient contact.
  • The activities must be well-planned and provide fun and entertainment for our patients. They should be long enough to make it worth the effort some patients have to go through to get out of bed with IVs, etc. Note: Patients are sick and we never know how many will feel like coming to a event, but please don’t let this discourage you. You can expect anywhere between 2-20 patients to attend most events. However, supplies should be available for the 30.
  • Your interest and concern for our patients must be limited to the hospital visit. Please do not exchange phone numbers or addresses. Confidentiality is of utmost importance.
  • Please do not make promises to a patient, for you do not know if they can be fulfilled.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for a hospital setting. No shorts, tank tops, low-cut blouses, or sandals.
  • Special infection control and COVID screening is required for all visitors and volunteers entering the building.

Special Event Sponsorship Volunteer Application


Job Shadowing Volunteer Form






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Prayer Warriors

Requirements for Programs with Religious Content

Madison County Memorial Hospital (MCMH) is a not-for-profit private hospital devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of children and adults in the north central Florida region. MCMH facilities are comprised of patients, families and staff and therefore, recognizes that there are a variety of religious preferences, believes and practices.

No program and/or prayer offered may be specific to any one religion, in any manner attempt to convert, save, proselytize or persuade any child, family member or staff person to a particular religious belief or denomination. Any attempts to do so can result in that person and their group being asked to leave the building.

Program content and/or prayer should be designed to express the love of God to all people regardless of race, sex, or religion. The program must not attempt to declare or prove the significance of one religion or set of beliefs over another. The content of the program/prayer should not include the name of a specific religious deity. The use of the term “God” or “Lord” is acceptable.

MCMH affirms that faith and medicine go together. Therefore, “faith healing,” separated from medicine is not to be offered to our patients.  Any attempt by any person or group to offer this strategy will result in the person or group being asked to leave the hospital.

The origin, purpose, cause or reason for an illness or disease given to our patients, employees and/or family members can’t be communicated as a deliberate act of God nor because of anything the person has done to deserve it. Your program content, prayer and actions toward our employees, patients and their families should reflect this fact.

No person or group of persons may bring books, tapes, CDs or any other item to sell our patients, families or staff.

You may not pass out religious literature, tracts, Bibles, tapes, CDs or any other written materials to the children. You may, however, place appropriate gift items on a table we will provide for you. Prior approval must be made to determine what gifts are appropriate.

Any musical equipment, tape players, keyboards, microphones, props, etc., must be supplied by the person or group providing the event.

Upon arrival, check in with the nurse’s station and your group will be escorted to the activities room to set up.  Our employees will communicate with patients that your group is available for prayer and will arrange to bring the patient, employee and/or family member to the activities room and/or request that you enter the patients’ room

The group is not allowed to enter any patient room without an invitation from the patient.


Our Census fluctuates such that there could be two patients or twenty-four (24) patients on any given day.  Similarly, employees, patients and/or family members may or may not want someone to pray with or for them.

We encourage your group not to be offended if this circumstance occurs and want to express our heart-filled appreciation for your effort and desire to pray for our constituents.  MCMH understands that tending to the spiritual wellbeing of our patients and families is an important part of the healing process.  Therefore, if this occurs, we encourage you to pray for employees, patients and families in a non-specific way.  You may do so in the activities room, in the Chapel or by prayer walking the outside of the building or throughout the bottom floor.  Following is a variety of suggestions for prayers that can be lifted for MCMH and the various Friends of the Hospital members.  Pray for…

  • The physical, mental, spiritual, financial, intellectual, social and environmental wellbeing of each employee, patient and family unit in the building on this day and each day going forward.
  • Staff to have knowledge, wisdom, patience, respect, understanding and compassion for each other and for patients and families who walk the halls of MCMH.
  • Physicians, nurses and providers to have the skills, knowledge and aptitude to discern the condition and to design a care plan that addresses the individual needs of our members.
  • The building to be healthy, in good working order and safe.
  • Staff to stay healthy and to implement the treatment plan that is adopted.
  • The Operating Room that we receive favor and provisions from the right people and organization to equip this line of business with the necessary supplies and equipment.
  • New services in development to connect to the appropriate people and resources in the right timing.
  • Vision to know what else meets the desires of God’s heart.
  • Management to make sound decisions that are in the right timing and purpose.
  • The financial stability to keep our hospital open to serve the region for ever more.
  • Each Line of Business to receive the appropriate number and mix of patients to remain viable and able to serve the needs of our community.
  • For providers, organizations and physicians to find favor in partnering and referring patients to MCMH.

Your cause is noble and appreciated.  Thank you sincerely for thinking about praying for us and our people!

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