Stephanie Johns

    Stephanie Johns holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a certified laboratory technician, and has a demonstrated ability to advocate for individuals and families.  She has over ten years’ experience with helping others and finding and developing resources and referrals to improve the wellbeing and stability of the family unit.  Past experience includes working in education, military, and community environments.  Stephanie is coming on board as the Resiliency Coach for the Wise Woman project.  She will help participants develop a life improvement plan and identify strategies, programs, and support to meet the goals that are identified.  She will encourage screening, prevention, and treatment options for participants and connect them to services at the hospital and in the surrounding area.  She will work closely with the various departments to facilitate discharge planning and provide coordination of services for ER, Rehabilitation, Laboratory, Mammography and/or Swing-Bed patients who register to participate in Wise Woman.  “I am excited to walk along beside each woman who engage with the Wise Woman project and to become the coach, cheerleader, confidant, and advocate for participants who make the commitment to a healthy lifestyle!”

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