Wound Care Clinic

The Wound Care Clinic inside of Madison County Memorial Hospital is NOW OPEN.  This center is devoted to advance wound management and care for patients in the North Florida Region. Our team of medical experts create a customized treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

Using an interdisciplinary care team, we help patients prevent infection, manage pain, improve nutrition and create an overall healthy lifestyle so that they may improve health and mobility. We are committed to helping patients reach their individual recovery and healing potential. Specializing in a variety of wounds i.e. acute, chronic and non-healing wounds. Our team includes certified wound care experts, geriatric medicine physicians, sterile processing technicians, and skilled nurses.


Treatment Options
A chronic wound is a wound that is slow to heal. As a result, the wounds can become infected, and in some cases, require amputation. That is why it is important to pay attention to slow healing wounds and make sure they are treated in a timely and effective manner.

The Treatment Process
Our Wound Care Clinic provides advanced treatment options for chronic and non-healing wounds through the latest wound care management strategies. The goals of our Wound Care Healing Program: Maintain extremely high patient satisfaction rates. Ensure high limb salvage rates. Achieve excellent clinical outcomes.

Treating Complex Wounds
Our Wound Healing Program uses cutting-edge therapies designed to heal a wide variety of wounds:
-Active Treatment Modalities
-Chronic Ulcers
-Bone Infection
-Chronic, Slow and Non-Healing Wounds
-Diabetic Foot Ulcers
-Failed or Compromised Skin Grafts
-Post-Operation Wounds or Infections
-Pressure Ulcers (Bed Sores) Treatment & Prevention
-Skin Tears or Lacerations
-Venous Leg Ulcers Diagnosis and Treatment

Advanced Treatment Options
The treatment plan is overseen by a Certified Wound Care Specialist, nurses, case managers and other certified specialist:

-Compression Therapy
-Diabetes Education
-Nutrition Management
-Alternative Pain Management via Rehab
-Physical or Occupational Therapies
-Pulse Doppler Evaluation
-Radiology Testing
-Tissue Therapy
-Topical Wound Therapy
-Total Contact Cast
-Vascular Assessment
-Wound Debridement
-Wound Dressings
-Wound Management
-Education for Patient, Family and/or Caregiver


The MCMH Wound Care Healing team receive advanced wound management training including a variety of chronic wound care treatments and therapies. The Wound Care Team consists of the following:

-Physicians with advanced training and expertise in wound management.
-Nurses trained in the latest evidence-based wound care treatments.
-Technicians who perform non-invasive studies and a variety of therapy techniques.
-Physical Therapist who provide a variety of rehabilitation strategies to support mobilization and strength building.
-Healthcare administrative experts who support appointment scheduling, medical records management, financial advisement and health insurance and benefit processing.




Contact the Wound Healing Program

Have questions or want more information about the Wound Healing Center please call us at 850-253-1964.


Referral to the Wound Healing Program

Patients who receive treatment in the Wound Care Clinic may need a referral from a primary care physician. The primary care physician consults with our surgeon to ensure you are a good candidate for our program. Once the physician and the surgeon confirm the referral a scheduler contacts you to set up an appointment. During the initial appointment, our team performs a thorough evaluation to better understand the patient’s medical history and current condition. Following this assessment, a treatment program is tailored to your needs.  To schedule a consultation with the surgeon and wound care physician, contact the Outpatient Coordinator at 850-253-1964.

Physicians can fax referrals to: 850-973-2937.

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