PRESS RELEASE:  September 4, 2019
Lori Evans, Foundation Director
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MCMH is Preparing to Weather the Storm

Hospitals play a crucial role during hurricanes – providing emergency medical assistance.  Employees at Madison County Memorial Hospital (MCMH) have been working to gather supplies and prepare for Hurricane Dorian since early last week.  Approaching the Florida coast as a potentially devastating storm the Hospital, the Emergency Response Center and local responders are working hand-in-hand to ensure the best possible outcome.  “Whether in-house or if we have to temporarily relocate patients to other facilities, we will ensure the safety of our patients and staff,” Tammy Stevens, CEO said in a statement.

MCMH has a backup-generator which plays a crucial role during hurricanes, providing emergency medical assistance and shelter for patients.  Chief Nursing Officer, Cindy Coulter is closely monitoring the storm and working to ensure that appropriate preparations are made and that the incident command center is fully optimized.  Food services, facilities and nursing have prepared by stocking up on food, water, linens, diesel fuel, medications and staffing.

“Each department has been fully briefed and has proactively prepared for the worst,” said Mrs. Coulter.   “However, if evacuation orders are called, we of course will comply with those orders and have adequate processes and systems to facilitate those efforts,” said Coulter.

Lori Evans, Foundation Director is responsible for coordinating partners and volunteers if needed and plans to post updates through the website and social media pages. “Our preparedness activities ensure our hospital has adequate staffing and supplies to continue to operate and care for our patients before, during and after the storm,” said Evans.  “Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive the latest information.  This will be our primary communication tool – not only to inform Friends of the Hospital, but also to put out a call for help if we experience the worst.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency throughout the state on Thursday afternoon.  The U.S. National Hurricane Center said as of Monday, DORIAN is SITTING OVER GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND WITH EXTREMELY DANGEROUS WINDS AND SURGE.  Although it appears Madison County is going to be safe during Dorian, the slightest turn westward can change things quickly.  Please prepare your family and your property as the season is far from over.

Madison County Memorial Hospital (MCMH), is located near downtown Madison, Florida and serves a sixty-mile radius of North Florida and South Georgia.  With an Emergency Room, Inpatient-Nursing, Swing-bed, Acute Care and Observation as well as Outpatient- diagnostic, physical, occupational and speech therapy, full-service laboratory, Endoscopy services, a Wound Care Clinic, and General Surgery, the goal is to build a collaborative network to ensure a strong and healthy community through innovative health services.


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