COVID Vaccine Updates

Madison County Memorial Hospital currently has the Moderna vaccine and as of tomorrow August 5, 2021 will also be carrying the Pfizer vaccine.  Using a tiered distribution plan – the hospital has been focusing on over 65, healthcare workers, and extremely vulnerable populations.  The Governor has now extended the vaccine to individuals 12 years of age and older both with and without at-risk conditions.  

Still not sure about getting the vaccine and need additional information?

  1. Why Get Vaccinated
  2. What to Expect
  3. Fact Sheet for Recipients
  4. Federal Guidelines recommend a minimum of fourteen (14) days between vaccinations.  If you have had a Flu shot please schedule accordingly.
  5. If you have had COVID, manufacturer recommends a (14) day waiting period before receiving the vaccine, please schedule accordingly.
  6. COVID Vaccine Comparison Chart
    COVID Vaccine Comparison Chart

We are currently serving the following demographic groups.

  • Individuals 12 and older with and without at-risk conditions
  • Healthcare workers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire and Rescue
  • School District employees
  • Community at-large

Please follow these instructions to better prepare for your appointment.

  1. Email or call 850-253-1961 to reserve an appointment.
  2. Bring a picture ID and insurance cards and present them to the logistics coordinator at the Front Lobby Pavilion (please remain in your vehicle, the Vaccination Station is set up as a drive through service).
  3. Enter from NW Crane Avenue and turn right at the first stop sign near the school and take the first left between the school and the hospital.  Click here for a map.
  4. Prescheduled appointments are strongly encouraged and receive first spot and shot availability.  Drop by appointments are STRONGLY discouraged between the hours of 10AM and 12PM.
  5. Remain in your car and the logistics coordinator will check you in, verify your paperwork, and set you up to receive the vaccine.  Remain in your car the entire time.
  6. Once the Logistics Coordinator has your paperwork validated a member from the clinical staff will administer the shot from the vehicle.
  7. Walk-up scheduled appointments are facilitated under the pavilion and chairs are provided while you wait.
  8. If you have never had a reaction to a vaccine you should anticipate waiting 15 minutes after the shot for observation.  Once you are cleared, you can go about your day.
  9. If you have had a reaction in the past, you should anticipate waiting 25 minutes for observation.
  10. You will be given a card noting the date of the first vaccine and a follow-up appointment for the second is scheduled before you leave the hospital.
  11. After the initial Moderna shot you receive a reminder within a couple of weeks to return for a booster shot after twenty-eight (28) days.  There is a recommended four (4) days prior to the 28th day or no more than fourteen (14) days after the 28th day to return for the booster.  The Pfizer Vaccine has a twenty-one (21) day window.
  12. The same process is used for Booster shots.  Return to the hospital at the date and time noted on your Vaccine Appointment Card.  Present your card to the logistics coordinator on arrival.  Wait in your vehicle and repeat the process followed during your first vaccination.
  13. Please be aware, we allow a two hour window for your appointment, if you have not arrived within that timeframe please note we may not be able to reserve your shot.  If you notify a logistics coordinator that you are running late but still intend to come on the scheduled day, your shot may be reserved.  Otherwise, it will be administered to someone else.  Once shots are thawed there is a two hour window to administer or dispose of the vaccine.
  14. Question about your specific situation, please consult with your physician we are not able to give out medical advice.

The following provides additional information about the vaccine:

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