Operating Room

Everything You Do Helps Support Local Healthcare services. Bring vital medical services to stay close to home for laboratory test, rehabilitation, diagnostics such as Xray, CT Scan, Mammograms and Endoscopy.  MCMH even provides extended stay via our Swing-Bed Program-for those who need extra time for healing.  Our most pressing need is new equipment for the Operating Room.  Opening was postponed due to COVID and therefore support to keep it viable until patient are allowed to receive this service is VITAL.

Click the Donate Button below to help make it happen:


TeleHealth is expanding throughout the nation.  This vital healthcare service not only allows safe delivery during COVID but also provides the hospital with the opportunity to expand the services we provide to our community.  Your gift today provides immediate assistance and relief.  Our community is counting on MCMH as the leader in healthcare. We must call upon every resource and seek every avenue to prepare.  Click below to help establish TeleMedicine at MCMH.

Life Tribute

Thank you so much for all that you do to support the MCMH Foundation and the Hospital. Time, talent and treasure from our friends and family is what helps make this hospital a preferred provider in this region.

We thank you so much in particular to consider a Gift to honor a loved one or to pay tribute to a special occasion in your life. Following are the ways you can choose to give back to the families in your community:

Participate in the Tree of Life by honoring a lost loved one or paying tribute to a birthday or special occasion such as an anniversary. Inscribe a message on a leaf, an acorn, a foundation, or a mini tree. You can choose to make one payment via the:


Coins for Chronic Conditions or (C3) is designed to help fund solutions to help people in our community who suffer from Chronic Conditions – Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Cancer etc. Click the button below to join us in this most crucial mission.  All Coins for Chronic Conditions (C3) help pay to provide one-on-one coaching to residents throughout the area.  The purpose of the coach is to provide health education, support and services to improve health and wellbeing:

Please contact Lori Evans for additional details: levans@mcmh.us or 850-253-1971.

Doctor’s Day

Help us make this day special for the doctor(s) who cared for you or a loved one. Give a gift in their honor and you can even include a personal note that we will deliver to them on your behalf. A meaningful tribute from a patient will make this a special day your doctor(s) won’t forget. Once social distancing rules are lifted we will celebrate them with a special gift from all of us! Thank you for helping us celebrate our remarkable doctors.

Help Protect and Care for Our Community

To prepare for COVID-19, the Hospital is in the process of having Telemedicine available to ensure patients can get the care they need should the hospital find itself with medical staff quarantined. It will also be useful to decrease exposure for patients not having to leave the hospital for routine follow up care by a Specialist. The use of Telemedicine to connect to a Specialist, should we not be able to transfer a patient to a larger hospital at capacity and/or for patients needing specialized care while at MCMH, will become critically important.

Please help during the COVID19 season as we try to minimize interaction between providers, patients and visitors. Help Madison County Memorial Hospital secure Telemedicine resources to be able to tend to patients at home rather than bringing them into the hospital. Please select from the drop down menu below and “Add to Cart” to make your selection.

Any Amount

You can still be a part of this initiative-a gift in any amount helps. Among other additional expenses, the hospital is acquiring extra personal protection equipment for staff in case Madison receives a confirmed case. Likewise, clinical personnel has been putting in overtime to prepare. Please click on the Donation button below to select or specify any amount.

Dorothy Collins Shaw, RN

Please join us in honoring this amazing woman for decades of contributions to the health and wellbeing of our community.  At the young age of 15 Dorothy began her journey of healing by entering the Charity School of Nursing.  She served as a railroad nurse, obstetrics nurse, school nurse and eventually served as the Director of Nursing for Madison County Memorial Hospital where she gave eighteen years (18) to this community in that capacity.  But her legacy did not end there, she then joined the Pink Ladies where she continued to give back to the community by serving on the MCMH Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers.  It is for this reason that she has asked family and friends to give to this organization in her honor.  Please help keep her legacy alive.

Mr. Howard Phillips, Chair

Would like to thank Mr. Howard Phillips, Chair of the Board of Directors who has served on the board since August, 2007. His contributions are unforgettable and his memory unending. Per his request, please click on the link below to make a donation in his honor.

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